Datsun Roadster Add on Mike Young Special


Fantastic savings! Custom tooled upper spring seats exclusive. Correct fitting part for the Mike Young Spring and our 2116 spring. The original parts are usually rotted out and will not allow the comp springs to fit properly having a smaller ID. Removing the old spring seats and running without them makes for a lose fit.

Kit includes Nismo replica bump stops. Original bump stops are usually dried out and very hard losing all of their "progressive" qualities. Why whittle away on old ones when you can buy the right ones to begin with.

Nissan was not stupid about making parts. Don't believe all the hyperbole about parts that people say that offer ZERO support in making your spring package complete! After 54 years these parts go bad or are missing and there is not word one that anyone can say to argue about that the necessity of careful inspection and replacement  for optimum performance.