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Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Outer Horizontal Door Wiper (PAIR)

65 - 70 New production outer door horizontal wiper weatherstrip. Also known as the squeegee weatherstrip. 10 solid months of testing.

Fits  965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970.

If you never bought the Nissan original take a close look at the photos and see what happens to the weatherstrip when the window glass is rolled up and then when the window glass is rolled back down.

Please allow time for each photo to load.

1st Photo: Nissan squeegie with door glass being rolled up.

2nd Photo: Nissan squeegee with the door glass being rolled down.

3rd Photo: Our new squeegee with the door glass being rolled down.

4th Photo: Our new squeegee with the door glass being rolled up.

We have had so many complaints about the function of the Nissan weatherstrip, sucks down into the door, rises up and out, short usable life as the material Nissan uses decomposes quickly especially when treated with petroleum base products. This is not just our opinion. 21 years of customer complaints. Unfortunately, and with regret, the aftermarket one that was made, although being of better composition, suffers the same problems as the Nissan counterpart.

You said "Dean....make us a better weatherstrip !" and I answered. "Yes I will!" This required a new design, different profile, as the original and the aftermarket, which is shaped like the original, just don't work. It also required a different material, our secret and we're not telling, rendering a part that works much better than we ever expected. The wiper portion of our weatherstrip makes full contact with the glass as it should. We will still offer the Nissan version click here