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Datsun Roadster Book Volumes 1, 2, 3 OUT OF PRINT

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Datsun Roadster Book VOLUMES 1 , 2, & 3 USA 

1 left rare out of production in hard book formThis is the newest version of this quality book. Adding yet another volume with more information to educate you on the "ins and outs" of your beloved Datsun Roadster 1600 & 2000.

The NEW 3-part book is a significant revision from the originals, especially the 120+ pages of color that have been added to the original two volumes and the newest addition Volume 3.

Summary of the 3rd edition:
* It is now THREE Parts - (different)
* The font has been reduced to save paper and printing costs - (different)
* The font reduction saved over 50 pages compared to the old format - (different)
* Even after the font reduction it still has over 880 pages! - (different) * It has 9 more road tests - many from foreign magazines this time - (different)
* It has 44 more pages of translation and pictures from Fairlady I and II - (different)
* It has more old Datsun Competition Bulletins and a copy of one of the very FIRST comp catalogs - (different)
* The pages are now WHITE instead of GREY - you'll soon see why - (different)
* The covers remain GREY like the first two editions and you'll see why later - (NOT different)
* We've included 3 classic Datsun Service Bulletins, two that announced the introduction of the 67 1/2 cars and the 68 high-windshield cars - (different)
* A LOT more information overall - (different)
* pictures are included of Scott Sheelers restored 1968 2000 - (different)
* All three parts now have COLOR illustrations - that's why the white pages - (REALLY different)

Check out PART# 2459 for some sample views of the contents of Volume 3.