Datsun Roadster early 65 - 67 1600 4 speed transmission Mount

Datsun Roadster Early 65 - 67 1500 Fairlady & 1600 Transmission Mount

Fits 1965, 1966, 1967
Early 65 - 67 Transmission Mount. Not painted like the originals. Special E coating to prevent rusting!
Now it is no longer necessary to knock out the studs on a 671/2 mount and re-position the entire transmission support plate to make everything work as one vendor suggests. This is the real deal! NO modification required!


Very rare & hard to find
Can use for 63 - 65 1500 transmission.
The following is a TECHNICAL TIP to use this mount for a 1500 Fairlady 310 from

Paul Demming: " Using this 1600 mount make a pattern of the transmission mounting side and reproduce in 1/8 mild steel including the two outer holes in the plate. These will serve as the final mounting bolts for the assembly. Drill two holes in the center of this pattern to match the 1500 transmission mounting hole spacing. Countersink the holes and use graded Phillips head machine screw to fasten to the 1500 transmission. Mount this duplicate plate to the transmission and secure the bolts with Blue Lock-Tite. Then, using the outer holes, bolt this plate to the 1600 mount and fasten to the cross member support plate."