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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 671/2, 68 and 69 Gas Cap Lid Repair Kit

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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Early & Late Gas Cap Repair Kit 

Note: There were 4 different gas caps offered by Nissan with 3 variants here to cover rebuilding these gas caps

Do not assume the year of your car indicates what cap you have on your car. It is entirely possible that you have a early cap on a late car or vice versa

Float   your mouse over the pictures for more year dates and info

Gas cap repair Kit. Ever lose your gas cap rotating door? One day it was there and the next day gone! These gas cap doors have a small post integral to the casting that have a small spring and washer installed over it. At the end of this post the manufacturer simply peened over the, fragile, Zamac casting to hold everything together. Eventually, through use, this peened area will break and the door will no longer be held tightly in position. Poor little doors will then vibrate off and become road kill.

No worries or need to throw away your door-less gas cap or even buy a new original gas cap one($436.00 to $600.00). Here is a great little kit that saves you bucks!

Contents include: One replacement late style 38mm diameter door is used for early cap A & B which originally had a 36mm diameter doors. The boss at the bottom of the post is modified to fit the A & B caps. Cap C & D - 17251-25500 use the later door as well with the small boss at the bottom of the post that indexes into the hole in the cap 

The 8th photo shows James P. Gas Cap assembled. Its up to him to re-chrome the body now that he has a new shin y door!

Please examine the photos of the front of the caps and the hole for the post, they are smaller on the A & B Caps larger on the C/D caps 

Cap A uses a cork gasket while Caps B, C/D use rubber gaskets

The kit also includes the door rubber weather-strip, spring to adjust the door tension, washer, set screw, miniature bottle of Loctite for the set screw to keep the screw from ever backing out, instead of the peened over method and the main sealing gasket for sealing against the end of the filler neck tube.

Includes a simple, clear instruction sheet

Please be sure to visually check your cap against our photos so you order the correct kit.

Fits: 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 1967 1/2, 1968, 1969