Datsun Roadster & Fairlady LH & RH Tie Rods Aftermaket



After market LH & RH tie rod assembly. Blueprinted from Factory new Nissan parts. US engineered. No more expensive than the Nissan original before it went out of production.
Made by the same company that made our Rare Parts Approved upper ball joint. This company also makes parts for IMC and World Pac

Responsibly sourced

NOTE This part is marked by the manufacturer with identification numbers.

Our part is NOT the same part as the CHINESE MAIN LAND part that was offered to us to sell and refused by us 4 years ago because of poor heat treating, excessive ball stud pre-load, under size ball studs and .070 undersized shafts. These parts did not match the Nissan samples and were deemed sub-standard and unsafe in testing. We rejected them. OUR part does not have any of these problems or any other for that matter.

The part we sell has forging numbers in the casting

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