Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Original Replica of the Datsun Comp spring from Japan (pair)

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Datsun Roadster Replica of Original Datsun Comp Front Springs - JAPAN VERSION 54010-25510

Verbose reading? Possibly needed to counter the curious claim out there that is being told to you that the Mike Young spring, a very good spring by its own merit, is a reproduction of the Datsun original competition spring. A remark that is not true.

Here is a our true and faithful reproduction of the original, 1st production, Datsun Competition front spring. Mike Young says his spring is a reproduction of the Datsun spring. The truth is that Mike took an original Datsun spring to Betts Manufacturing and asked them to reproduce the spring. They did, but they did not reproduce the spring in the same manner as Datsun manufactured it in the 60's

Betts made the front spring using the cold wound process. They also made a 6 to 7 coil count spring unlike the original that was a 5 to 6 coil count and their is also the fact that their spring is cold wound SAE diameter wire not hot rolled Metric wire diameter like the original. His claim does not hold water that his is a reproduction and that is not opinion it is fact!

In addition, the ride can not be the same, as the construction of his spring is completely different, even though the rate of the spring is similar, they perform very differently and the proof of this is in how the car feels when driven and that is what Mike was trying achieve was it not? He didn't achieve this. He achieved something new that people like and sold them based on a claim that was not true and that is wrong. Who knew? Right? How could someone know unless they had a set of originals to compare his spring to? This sets the record straight. I wish that Mike, who cares a lot about originality, would stop saying his spring is a reproduction and just own that its a new design of his own. Here is the definition of reproduction: re·pro·duc·tion/ˌrēprəˈdəkSH(ə)noun 1.the action or process of making a copy of something.

Read this text fully. We made ours for a Japanese group, who were very particular to make the new production exact to the old with some improvements that are faithful to the original design. The proof is in the pudding!

 Made in JapanNOT the Eibach remake that Nissan had made here in the USA.

1st PHOTO: Replica spring with replica sticker. First 10 customers get the retro 70's Datsun cotton paper sticker that was supplied to us.

Long before the Mike Young & The Super Comp springs were available there was the Datsun Comp spring that Nissan sold for many, many years and most everyone used them. Beloved by many; I forgot how good this spring was till I drove a car with a set during development. I wish I had in my possession a new set years ago I would have made this spring.
A brand new set was provided to us by a 311 participant to be sent out and reverse engineered.

Polite street spring reduced LB rate from original, firm, not stiff like the original, proper clearance to the Nissan comp bump stops and the car sits nearly identical to the Mike Young Spring. Depending on how you drive and the roads you drive on, bump stop clearance should be between .750 to 1 inch.
Based on the ride, and the ride height of this spring, Harlan Katz liked the ride of this spring as much as the Mike Youngs springs.

The original free length was 9.187" to 9.250" with metric coil diameter wire. The only two complaints about the original spring is that it did not lower the car enough so we had the free length changed to 9.0 inches and the rate was too high. Both of these issues were addressed during development.
Reverse engineered here in the USA by top mechanical engineers at Duer Carolina Coil. Note that we are the only vendor that discloses are sources and where they are made.

This May this spring was made at the request of a customer in Japan who is a supplier of Datsun parts to his Japanese customer base. He also supplied the retro sticker to us. We were now given permission to sell the small remaining amount of these springs to our domestic and Australian followers as well.
This 5 to 6 coil design many people still like. Some sell original sets for much as $395.00 a pair.
We spared no expense in requesting that the US manufacture have domestic stock specially machined to the correct metric diameter of the original 14.55mm matching the original Datsun spring coil diameter.

Most other springs today for the roadster are offered and manufactured by use of the cold wound process, but Datsun made these original springs using the hot wound process and through extension we also had these made using the same process. Original equipment springs are manufactured with surface prepared materials so as to remove any potential minor surface defects in the material.
The majority of the aftermarket automotive hot wound springs are manufactured from hot rolled as rolled material direct from the steel mill. This is great material that is manufactured to an ASTM standard. But the standard allows for minor surface defects in the material from the manufacturing process. These competition springs were manufactured with oversized hot rolled material that was then centerless ground down to size. This provides closer bar diameter tolerances and improved surface finish instead of the hot rolled direct from the steel mill.

You won't find a better original replica spring as we are the only ones that put this on the engineering board. Short, low number, one time production was extremely expensive and 16 sets were pre-sold to Japan and arrived there in May 2021 with the special retro sticker supplied by our Japanese customer.

EXPANATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS: Measurements were taken at 90 degrees through the centerline of the wheel. Depending on how and what roads you drive on you may wish to modify the bumps stops for clearance up to 1 inch. Tool used to measure the bump stop clearance was positioned upside down, decibel point on the right, for ease of photography. Nissan short bump stops were used on the test car Measurements were witnessed by 311 participants

Springs were tested using a Larson Flash 36 load tester rated with a 5,000lb cell which cost $90,000. Not tested on a $1,000.00 Summit Nascar cage less spring tester. Wire hardness tested on a US made Newage calibrated Brinell hardness tester 7000.

Sticker is for vintage style and look only. Nothing being sold here is being represented or sold as an original, genuine Nissan part by us or the dealer that commissioned these being made in Japan. Sticker is for vintage style, look and entertainment value only.

To order this spring set with the O-ring pads Order select WITH O-RING PAD option.


Tanaka Fukishima - Very excited to have just like original

Andrew Davis - Never been one for the original spring, but took a chance and really like these over all the others, and I have tried them. Lowers the car really nice and there must be something about the 5 to 6 coil design in the way the car handles in the corners that make this spring special

Mark Kipp - Long time customers have bias, but honestly I enjoy the ride as they say and this spring was worth every penny

Abe Kiani - Nicely made, easy to install, clear instructions. Thanks Gil for sending the order before you closed for holiday.

Steve Simpson - These are great and the ride is so much better than I could ever imagine.

Roberto Vasquez - Much better than the original. Dean's friends in Japan really nailed it.

Alan Snow - Awesome, Throw your Mike Youngs on your parts car that you are selling . These are well thought out.

Victor Stein - Very, nice ride.

Harlan Katz - Like these as much as the Mike Young springs.

Peter  Giotis - In Greece the roads are tough. This spring has held up and is just great.

Tak  Fujiama - Days long past for good products. Our team rally's around your parts.

Jay Weaver Our Engineer