Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Rear Stock Height & Stock Rate Leaf Spring

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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Rear Stock Height & Stock Rate Leaf Spring Sets 


Designed from original, UNUSED, NEW Nissan 55020-10500 samples, these US made reproductions offer the same ride height, spring rate 158 LBS and performance as the originals. We call this spring 55020-10501.
Cosmetic duplication processes: Each leaf of the assembly was duplicated as close to the original as possible including the spacers between each leaf, at the end of the leafs, and even the assembly brackets have been duplicated. The cups as pictured in the 1st photo are no longer reproduced.

The leaf springs come with the front spring bushings already installed. When comparing pricing, please note that pricing from other vendors of their spring sets reflects springs sold WITHOUT the front bushings installed

Manufacturing processes: Each leaf is made from 5160 American made raw steel. Each leaf is formed on a jig with the correct arc at 1800 degrees. Each leaf is then oil quenched and drawn back through a furnace at 700 degrees. Degrees are approximate. The leafs are then assembled as a unit and painted.

1st PHOTO: - 12 piece pad & rear bushing kit. NOTE: To add this kit onto your spring purchase, order with bushings.

2nd PHOTO: Stock height/stock rate Nissan springs on the front and our NEW stock height/stock rate replacement springs installed on the rear. 185/70/14 tires on 14 inch rims.

Fender Measurements: Bottom of fender lip to ground measurements. Front: 25 5/8 / Rear 22 7/8.

3RD & 4TH PHOTO: Stock height / stock rate 158 lb springs.