Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Water Pump Nipple Long or Cylinder Head Nipple Short

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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Water Pump Nipple Long or Cylinder Head Nipple Short 


What buy brass for the same price that makes no sense. Ours  are made of solid stainless steel not chrome plated steel that rots from the inside out. 1/2 inch diameter water pump nipple & short cylinder head water outlet nipple. NOTE: The threads are the correct and proper threads and are not American pipe threads. 2 pieces are shown to see the detail. 1 piece is supplied for the price. Choose either water pump nipple long or cylinder head nipple short

To order the short Cylinder head nipple Order "Cylinder Head Nipple Short" option.

There is another aftermarket steel part with simple plating being sold for more money. We prefer ours as it is solid stainless steel. You will too.