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Datsun Roadster flexible stainless brake hose & washer (3)

65 - 70 1600/2000 Stainless steel brake hose set. Upgrade from the original rubber hose set. See part # 1533 for rubber hoses. Comes with new sealing washers. Correct hex for indexing to the star holder on the bracket on the frame. Hex will not rotate when tightened. Necessary and important component to keep the lines away from moving suspension parts like coil springs. The lines that are pictured come with a Clear transparent plastic covering over the stainless portion of the hose. Also available, SPECIAL ORDER, (SEE 2nd PHOTO), in the following transparent colors. Red, Electric blue, Hunter green, Smoke clear, orange and black. Set of 3.

NOTE: Brake hose keepers are no longer included with this kit. You can add them on. Order by PART# 2733 $7.50