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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Front comp / rear lowering spring " stock rate" / 23mm sway bar & suspension kit

DatsunRoadster Front & Rear Suspension Kit # 4 AFTERMARKET USA & JAPAN

Front competition springs with rear lowering springs. Kit includes: 2 - front (2113 SUPER COMP) competition lowering springs, 2 - front (2116 REGULAR COMP SPRINGS MY STYLE), 2 - upper spring seat cushions, 2 - Front comp bump stops, 23 MM front sway bar, 4 piece front sway bar urethane bushing kit, 12 - piece urethane rear spring bushing and pad set, 2 - rear lowering leaf springs stock rate with front bushings installed, 2 - Rear comp bump stops, 4 - piece full gas shocks with urethane bushing kit.