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Datsun Roadster 2000 Solex/Mikuni 4 Barrel Air Cleaner Assembly

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Datsun Roadster 2000 Solex/Mikuni 4 Barrel Air Cleaner Assembly AFTERMARKET USA 

High Flow Solex and Mikuni Carburetor air filter assembly

Assembly comes with re-usable cost saving filter. Finally an air filter assembly that allows your twin 4 barrel Solex and Mikuni's to breath. Far superior in performance when compared to the original Nissan air filter or K&N counterparts. Flows 6 times the air of a stock filter. This air filter assembly is designed to fit into your engine compartment neatly, no grinding or cutting although the fit is close. We figured it out so you won't have to! Special width air filter allows the use of short style velocity stacks to help straighten the air flow before entering the carburetor and you know what that means... better throttle response! Velocity stacks can be purchased separately. Price is for Air cleaner, drilled back plate, gaskets and 3 retaining clips. Note: There is no provision in the back plate for PCV hose mounting. There are after market PCV filters that can be attached to your valve cover breather outlet. Venting directly into the air filter can damage the assembly. Click here to view SU 2000 version of this assembly.