Datsun Roadster High Performance 1600 & Fairlady 1500 Head Stud Kit

Datsun Roadster High Performance 1600 & Fairlady Head Stud Kit

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Kit includes 10 - studs, 10 - washers and 10 - 12 point nuts.
These great kits replace factory head bolts and eliminate problems associated with head bolt use as opposed to more reliable studding of block. Common problems include bolt breakage, block thread damage and breakdowns, less clamping force, and bolt stretch. Keep that head from moving around. Racers love this stuff. Manufacturers note: Material - 8740 Chrome moly. Tensile strength 190,000 to 200,000 PSI. U.S. made. General torque spec. 80 FT LBS Ultra torque lube. Be sure to add on Ultra torque lube Part# 2464 when purchasing this kit.

NOTE: The default set of 10 studs are all the same length. Before ordering you may want to check to see if you intend on using the rear engine support bracket. If so, please ask for us to substitute the longer stud, pictured in the photos, for the shorter one so you can install the bracket properly.