Datsun Roadster High strength brake master cylinder brace 68 - 70


Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 High Strength Brake Master Cylinder Brace OVER 771 Units Sold

68-70 Tandem, dual reservoir master cylinder Brake Brace. Comes with hardware for mounting (not pictured) and instructions. Prevents firewall from cracking by redistributing the load or can be used after firewall is cracked to support the structure. Machined formed precise laser cutting methods.

Bottom master bolt is pressed into the brace via a knurl placed on the shank of the graded bolt.(SEE 1ST PHOTO)Short bolt original Nissan with knurl, second longer bolt with knurl. Currently, we are the only supplier assembling the bolt in this manner, as per Nissan's decision for assembly, which follows the correct and proper method. This also keeps the bolt from possibly turning during re assembly to the firewall. See part# 1716 for 67 1/2 version as they are different.


Note: the second pic is of the part installed (click on pic to see it at the right resolution)