Datsun Roadster High Windshield Weatherstrip

Datsun Roadster 68 -70 High Windshield Weather-strip

NOTE: This weather-strip has bonded corners generated in the tool during the injection molding process. The corners are not hot glued with Cyano-acrylate.

Fits 1968, 1969, 1970.
 High Windshield Weather-strip. All new American Made tool, EPDM US rubber, replicating the original weather-strips delivered with the cars. New weather-strip was re-designed with the correct corners, upper shown, (See photos)allowing the weatherstrip to extend slightly beyond the trim molding. Fits Great! We checked the fit on a project car. This is not a extrusion with the corners hot welded. The complete weather-strip is molded in the die.

At the time of ordering ask for us to email our 6 page photo instruction sheet.

Full weather-strip kit price has been modified to include new weather-strip. Price has been adjusted accordingly.

Windshield adhesive remover by 3M. Works great when preparing for a new gasket! Gets all the gunk off the windshield frame without hurting the painted surfaces of your car. Contact you local auto parts store for availability.