Datsun Roadster Nissan 67 1/2 2000 Lower Radiator Hose

67 1/2 2000 LOWER RADIATOR HOSE. Same quality as our 2176 hose that we have been selling for 9 years. We will replace for free if it ever fails! Yes, we know, there are 68 - 70 style hoses being sold by vendors as 67 1/2 2000 replacements... wrong! Our hose is an exact replica in shape
Great hose with internal cloth webbing sandwiched inside and protected inside of the rubber like the later Nissan hose that is pictured in the 1st PHOTO.
The hose does not have the outer cloth covering like the hoses that came with the cars, Nice stuff I like original too.
Nissan eventually discontinued sale of those hoses because of the problematic issue with the cloths exposure to fluids, the cloth webbing drying out, becoming crunchy within the length of the hose, eventually bulging and bursting under pressure.
Nissan chose not to renew the contract for the cloth covered hoses as manufactured in favor of the newer technology, more expensive to make and quite frankly better quality hoses, like the one here and all subsequent hoses they had made for all their manufactured vehicles both domestic and for international use. If after all this you still want the external braiding? Jim Tyler has them and he says "there is nothing finer". In the mean time we will blow these out of the inventory.

Same quality as our 2176 hose that we have been selling for 9 years