Datsun Roadster Powder coated Battery Hold Down Frame & Nissan Tray

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Over 300 Sold
Replica Of Nissan Original Assembly & Kits IN STOCK

Our best seller for 16 years. Jeffrey Cohen in New York City bought a Stan Chernoff repro. He ended up selling his car and he offered it to us, which we then compared to an original and mass produced here in the US.
Our fifth and last run still in stock from 2016
68 - 70 Powder coated LH drive exact Replica of original Battery frame Assembly 24420-A7800 to be used with similar 24 group batteries. Click on photos to see correct sizing of the part.

U.S. made and dimensionally the same as original.Why buy another vendors overpriced offering that is $50.00 more?
Fits most new style 24 group batteries. Some batteries run smaller then original 24 group batteries. Check yours before ordering.
Choose your battery carefully as there are no returns on this item for lack of fitment.
Simply center over battery and tighten.

(1st PHOTO) Drawing & control sample

(2nd PHOTO) - 3 in a row Left to right. Original Nissan Battery frame Stan's and our replica. IDENTICAL


Recommended battery sizes:

Interstate Batteries Part # MT-24F 10 1/4" long, 6 7/8" wide, 8 3/4" high 600 COLD/750

Interstate Batteries Part # MTP- 24F 11" long, 6 7/8" wide, 8 3/4" high 750 COLD/940

No returns if you have a battery with dimensions, handles that is different than as described here.