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Datsun Roadster, Fairlady 63 - 67 Replacement Inside Door Handle Roll Up Knob

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Datsun Roadster, Fairlady 63 - 67 Black Plastic Version &
320 Pick up truck Gray Plastic version
Replacement Inside Door Handle Roll Up Knob

Fits 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967.

63 - 67 replacement door handle roll up knob. (Handles not included. Shown for assembly reference only)
Hard plastic injection molded knob with internal knurled steel insert inside the plastic. Includes wave washer, flat washer, set screw and small bottle of Loc-tite
Many factory original knobs would fall off their handles because of the following questionable attachment. The original knob had a brass insert that had a swedge, variant spelling of swage, over the end of the shaft in attempt to secure the knob to the handle. Worked ok if they got the swedge right.
The original plating on the handle was not great so when re-chroming it becomes necessary to remove the knob by drilling off the swedge. After doing this there is not enough shaft left, even when attempting to install a screw, to allow the knob to rotate properly. This new alternative is much cheaper than buying a NOS handle and will last longer than the factory knob and is completely removable.

To order the 320 Pick up knob, sold only in pairs, in Gray plastic
Order "Gray Plastic PAIR"