Datsun Roadster Solex/Mikuni 44 Insulator (Set of 4)

Datsun Roadster Solex/Mikuni 44 Insulator (Set of 4) NISSAN

Solex Insulator (set of 4)

Be sure to check yours for cracks causing unwanted vacuum leaks. Stud spacing offset for Solex. Stud spacing: 2 3/16 on one side & 3 1/4 the other side. Thickness 11/16.
Ask for gaskets when ordering or check this section for insulator and gasket kit. See gasket at part #1706 Click here to view these gaskets. New bar coded factory stock on hand. No old inventory.

Are your insulators cracking and causing a leak? Because of the length of the Solex manifold and the out board weight of the carburetors, the insulators have a tendency to crack under the load. One of the solutions is to fashion a "T" bracket to support the carburetors to keep the insulators from over flexing causing failure. The top portion of the "T" can be bolted to the accelerator cable stand on the water tube by using longer bolts. NOTE: The "T" bracket is not included with the insulators. It is for reference only.