Datsun Roadster & Fairlady SPL310 63 - 67 1/2 low windshield weatherstrip

Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Low Windshield Glass Weather-strip   NOT MADE IN THAILAND   AFTER MARKET USA

Fits 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967.


A laser cut tool was developed from a high resolution scan of original new Nissan weatherstrip. Extruded weatherstrip is smooth like original with no machine lines from older die manufacturing processes. Will not crack, shrink or harden like original Nissan 72610-12900 or 72610-10401 weatherstrip. Santoprene is 20 to 40 percent more expensive material than EPDM and is the newer technology and choice of manufacturers. This is a fact and any rubber manufacturer will confirm this. It is recyclable and in this respect only can it be cheaper. No one here is recycling product.

Almost all U.S. automotive weather-strip manufacturing companies have moved to Santoprene. They are Cooper Standard, Metzler Automotive, GDX Automotive, Hutchinson, Reed Rubber. All these reputable rubber manufacturers and automotive makers have change to Santoprene. Millions of dollars have been spent by these companies to convert their production lines toward the new trend of Santoprene replacing the older technology of EPDM.

Santoprene rubber is often chosen over EPDM rubber because of it’s outstanding long-term weather ability and compliance with all GM requirements. The seals made of Santoprene rubber will not fade, discolor or bloom, maintaining their sleek appearance. • Impervious to smog and UV • Excellent long-term weather ability and seal ability • No fading or blooming • Greater design flexibility • Easy part assembly • Superior dimensional stability.

We actually give you more footage then Nissan144 inches just in case you make a mistake in cutting.

We guarantee this weatherstrip never to crack or shrink or we will give you a replacement for FREE. No other vendor currently of 1/7/05 will make this claim.

Send us an email request to sales@datsunparts.com for a detailed instruction sheet.