Datsun Roadster Stainless Steel Shifter

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Datsun Roadster Short Shifter AFTERMARKET USA

67 1/2 - 70 Stainless Steel Short & Medium Shifter.

Original Nissan length was 9 1/4"

Short shifter is 6 5/8" Order by PART# 1938S

Medium shifter is 7 7/8"Order by PART# 1938M

When resting your forearm on the center console lid the medium shifter allows your hand to extend straight to the knob and is more comfortable then the short shifter. With the short shifter your wrist will have to angle down slightly to the knob to shift. The medium is also longer and it has more "lever - mechanical advantage", some saying that it is easier to move through gears.
Both available you decide which one to buy.
Correctly threaded and fits the original Nissan knobs. $63.00 when Nissan sold them.

Photos of shifters installed
1st Photo - stock shifter
2nd photo - medium shifter
3rd photo - short shifter