Datsun Roadster U20 2000 SU carburetor heat shield w/reinforced mounting holes. Yellow and blueish plating .

Datsun Roadster 2000 SU Carburetor Heat shield In stock
No Budget Knock offs here! $4450.00 spent on tooling!

Judge for yourself how clean our stamping is, consistency of the stamping and welding, no sharp edges and the overall finish quality. Another example of not having to pay a fortune for a great part even though someone else gets a lot more for the same item. 6 years ago we laid our part down on top of another vendors part that he sells for more money. His part clearly has sharp edges and carburetor spring holes that are drilled off center. As of 2024 he now says "laser trimmed" in his description. Funny how it takes our comments for someone to finally get the quality control up to our standards! You are welcome!! 

U20 2000 SU carburetor heat shield. Accurate laser cut, including small holes for the springs, then precision stamped steel part with reinforcement
(see photos) at the mounting bolt hole areas where the Nissan ones used to crack. Cleanly welded. NO SHARP EDGES OR HAND CARVING
All the nice little details of the original have been reproduced here except the carb spring mounting area is not grooved, holes are provided instead for the carburetor springs.

Longer bolts may be required to mount this. Original style plating, a yellow with bluish tone, coming close to the original. Hard to find plating houses that can do this process. Fits great!!