Datsun Roadster U20 Bronze Guides

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Silicon bronze guides. In photo Intake on top/Exhaust below. Nissan guides were mediocre brass and standard on the OD not providing adequate press for re-installation. Proper guide press fit is essential in rebuilds. Losing a guide in older engines is more common depending on how many rebuilds have been performed. These guides are slightly oversize on the O.D. to provide the correct press fit.

Oversize guides available are .004 on the ODContact us prior topurchasing.

The longer, tapering, angle toward the end of the guide is the intake guide.
To order the intake or exhaust guides separately in (sets of 4) use the following part numbering and pricing.

Special Note: These are not Harley Davidson Evolution guides that are carved up to work on a roadster. Our guides are custom made from a print especially prepared for us by a premier US guide manufacturer, SI in Simi Valley, in lots of 400 pieces

We don't have to pool our money with two other vendors in order to place an order with SI like other vendors.

We actually have money to run our business