Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 OEM upper tensioner w/spring & gasket

U20 upper tensioner w/ spring & gasket. Our tensioners follow the exact Nissan design and have the proper pressure and volume to the primary piston chamber.

Wrapped like original Nissan in VCI paper with Japanese printing  AFTERMARKET JAPAN

NOTE: Prior tensioners sold at this part number were a CAG product that is also sold by 3 other vendors. However our version of these CAG tensioners, at our request, were designed and delivered to us, as per the Nissan original design, with higher pressure and volume in the primary piston chamber that provides much more tension on the upper chain then the regular Chinese ones. We have noticed that some of these CAG tensioners, sold by other vendors have  the correct pressure/volume, while others being sold do not. This was reported to us by  numerous customers and we thought you should know. We  have the receipts and the parts to support these statements.