Datsun Roadster U20 Chain Tensioner Washer Shim pack of 3

Datsun Roadster U20 Chain Tensioner Washer Shim Pack (3) NOT COPPER AFTERMARKET

Correct and proper reproduction washer set. Yes, when we had the upper tensioner commissioned for production again,(MUCHO BUCKS), we asked for extra washers.
Heat resistant rubber like original Nissan NOT copper washers from Home Depot. Copper will scratch the shaft thus reducing the pressure sealing of the smooth shaft to the smooth bore of the tensioner body
Reduces chain slap at start up and keeps the chain tight. NOT a generic, off the shelf, hard plastic washer. Exact to original in size and function. You may need an extra set if your chain is really lose. You can also use this on the lower tensioner foot as well.