The actuating choke, hand throttle and hood cables in this section are all OEM original maker for NISSAN and come with original bezels. There are 2 distinct, original, bezels which are pictured in the first 2 thumb nails to the left of this text. The first is used on all of the early 63 - 67 1/2 cables and it is also used on all the hood cables from 63 - 70 as well as some of the dash switches, 671/2 wiper switch and other dash functions on the early cars.

The second bezel pictured in the thumbnail is used all 68 - 70 choke and hand throttle cables. They are also used on the different operating switches on the dash of these late year cars. Light, wiper, S/brake etc.

The 3rd, bottom, photo is the newer, incorrect, generic style bezel that is often seen on the cables made in the 90's from Nissan. This is often what suppliers are offering on their cables. We do offer generic version cables along with original bezel versions in this section

Some bezels shown are available, see the Knob section of web-site for these parts, to dress up your old switches and cables on 65 - 67, 67 1/2 & 68 - 70 model year cars as your bezels may be pitted, missing or of the newer variant that Nissan offered late in the game.

ALL the cables in this section come with the original looking knobs unless stated generic "NEW STYLE". They also come with a correct, factory grommet for the firewall to insulate you from the engine room.