Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 65,66, 67, 67 1/2, 68, 69, & 70 1500, 1600, 2000 R MOTOR stroker Thermal coated header w/gasket collector

Datsun Roadster 1500/1600/2000 Push Rod Stroker
Street Performance / Racing Thermal Coated Header 15MM FLANGE
1 5/8" diameter tube Premium Gaskets not paper Like Other Vendors Offerings

Our header does not have extra welded on tabs to maker the header flange thicker to match the intake manifold thickness like cheap headers. Our headers have the correct thickness 15mm flange 


DELUXE PERFORMANCE INCREASING VERSION - Thermal coated. Our header comes with our premium metal sheathed gaskets unlike Tri-mill headers that have only paper gaskets.15MM flange no extra silly welded on tabs. Flange is same thickness as the Intake manifold 15mm.
1 5/8" inch primary tube

Great for R20 stroker conversions, 1600 racing or high performance engine rebuilds NOT for stock builds

Original Tri-Mil design: 2 California individuals initiated design and contracted Tri-Mil to make this variant for special projects. Unfortunately, Tri Mill could not control the height of #2 & #3 primary tubes
SEE PHOTO OF CHROME PLATED TRI-MIL 1 5/8" inch HEADER WE USED TO CARRY BEFORE WE DROPPED THEIR LINE OF HEADERS which ran into the back of the intake manifold requiring the owners to grind their rare Nissan intake manifolds OUCH!

Our product is not only better quality, but is less expensive then the Tri-mil header.

Our header has superior alignment to the exhaust system in the frame. No difficult angles or the flex pipe rubbing against the bell housing.

Some people argue that there is no performance increase and there has been a lot of gas lighting on the Datsun forum, mostly by people who never had access to the product.

Dave Rebello has built many 5 main 1600 stroker motors: 1750cc and 2150cc. He also had a 1 5/8" diameter pipe 1600 header and did a back to back comparison with a stock 1 1/2" inch pipe diameter header.
After dyno tests the 1 5/8 inch pipe header made an increase in power. Since Dave has a flow bench and dynos I am inclined to follow his conclusions. His Dyno sheet is included with the header, shown here, which reflects a smaller size motor. Higher hp power is expected from larger size motors and these dyno output numbers can be obtained directly from Rebello Racing.

Excellent quality much improved fit and form compared to the older, out of production, Tri-Mill header.
Precision holes and mounting.

Our header pipes do NOT rest against, vibrate and cook the oil pan like other headers.

Collector and bolt kit included. Optional flex-pipe available separately. Click here, to view this part.

NOTE: With our header it is NOT necessary to grind the back of the intake manifold for fitment like the out of production Tri Mil counterpart.

Fits 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970