Datsun Roadster Nissan 67 1/2 - 70 Tandem 3/4 Brake Master cylinder

67 1/2 - 70 Tandem (dual) 3/4 Brake Master cylinder. NOT REMAN OR REBUILT. NEW NEW NEW! This is the correct Roadster master cylinder NOT a substitute from another vehicle. Correct NEW Genuine Nissan part that comes in the original Nissan bag with the correct roadster part #46010-A7800 just like the one in the photo. Take note that unit says TOKICO on the casting. All Genuine units have this marking. These have not been taken apart by us at all. No old used reservoirs, or modified rods etc. have been fitted to make this part work. They are the correct and proper part. SEE option for rebuild kit below and follow highlighted link.

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Click here,to view the 67 1/2 brake brace and click here, to view the 68 - 70 brake brace.

Major Brake master rebuild kit from Nissan Click here, to view.